What Is Dandruff?

Dealing with stubborn dandruff is never fun: the condition can sometimes be seriously uncomfortable, not only for the individual suffering from it but for those around him as well. Thankfully, all it takes is effective dandruff shampoos for dandruff to be completely eliminated. Although there are several commercially produced shampoos on the market today that claim to be able to cure dandruff, many of them are merely just a quick fix. For anyone that wants an all-natural cure for dandruff, a simple visit to their local health food store may prove to be just the treatment they’ve been looking for. With an array of different types of herbs and other natural ingredients, these kinds of shampoos for dandruff can provide a complete cure for the condition.

What Is Dandruff?


As mentioned above, a combination of various shampoos work very well together to eliminate dandruff and the itchy scalp that come along with it. By mixing anti-dandruff ingredients such as zinc pcaustic or zinc acetylated (ZPA), tea tree oil can also help to reduce inflammation throughout the entire scalp. By gently rubbing the oil into your scalp and rinsing with lukewarm water, you can quickly soothe the itching and redness that come along with it. Tea tree oil is also an excellent treatment for psoriasis because it has antifungal properties and can even be used topically. Just make sure to purchase tea tree oil that does not contain alcohol.


Along with anti-dandruff ingredients, there are also several herbal shampoos for dandruff that are available on the market. A combination of grape seed oil, yellow dock oil, flax seed oil and Rosemary extract have been proven to soothe the scalp and soothe the redness that is associated with dandruff. There are several additional herbal ingredients that have been proven to alleviate the symptoms of dandruff and that are listed below.


Rosemary is often used to counteract dry scalp skin caused by eczema. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent and can also reduce dry skin. Dandruff usually occurs in dry, warm weather and Rosemary oil effectively soothes dry flakes and scalps. Another ingredient that helps people relieve dandruff usually comes in the form of tea. Linalool, a compound in tea, has been shown to soothe irritation of dry skin and dandruff usually accompanies it. Linalool can be added to shampoo and used as often as needed.


Psoriasis Revolution

Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as oily scalp, is characterized by scaly, greasy flakes that fall from the scalp and may be present on the clothes, in the hair and on the lips. This condition is very common in adults and can affect people of all ages. Dandruff that arises from this condition is characterized by greasy flakes that are not easily brushed away.


Excessive dryness can result in white flakes that are also scaly and might resemble psoriasis. Psoriasis affects the skin cells around the nails and can result in thick white flakes that itch and burn. Dandruff that is associated with psoriasis usually has a raised redness on the skin and usually appears on the trunk, arms and legs.


Allergic reaction may also be responsible for some cases of what is dandruff. In such cases, the affected area develops patches of raised skin. The affected areas are often very greasy and the skin looks dry and scaly. Such a condition appears when the body tries to eliminate an allergen, most often pollen. The dead skin cells that are released in the course of elimination may be the source of the raised spots on the skin. These flaking flakes are what most people see as dandruff but they should not be confused with itchy scales.


Treatment of what is dandruff depends on the cause of the problem. If the dry and itchy patches are caused by an allergic reaction, antihistamines may be useful to treat them. Other treatment options include using medicated shampoos that contain salicylic acid and are designed to reduce the oil production in the scalp. Oral corticosteroids can also be effective in reducing the itchy and dry condition and are available in pill or liquid form. For persistent cases, your doctor might recommend that you use an oral antihistamine to reduce the inflammation and relieve the itchiness associated with dandruff.

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